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Over half a century since our establishment in 1958, we at the Seien Gum Group have built a rubber parts manufacturing production system that integrates everything from material development to molding.
Changing with the times, we now primarily manufacture rubber parts for automotive wire harnesses. We work to enact stable production and supply, including at our new overseas bases.
Going forward, we will strive to be a company where all employees of the Group can take pride in their work and which is trusted by our business partners and local communities. We set such goals so that we can deliver an even higher level of satisfaction to our customers.
With an unchanging manufacturing mindset of inheriting and integrating new and existing technologies developed over the years, we will continue to work to enhance the Group’s organizational capabilities for the next generation.

代表取締役社長 高井勲


1. Be proud of ourselves

1. Be proud of our work

1. Be proud of our company

Quality policy

We aim to improve customer satisfaction through technological innovations based on our principles “Be proud of ourselves,” “Be proud of our work,” and “Be proud of our company” that constitute our corporate concept.
1. Contribute to society by providing safe products to customers
2. Aim to be a company that complies with domestic and international laws and regulations and that is trusted by customers and society as a whole
3. Establish trust by providing quality, delivery times, prices, and information required from customers
4. Strive to preserve the global environment and achieve corporate growth and stability together with our employees and business partners
5. Create world-class human resources
Seien Gum Industrial works to ensure so that this quality policy is communicated and understood by everyone in the company. We take action to continually improve the effectiveness of our QMS and conduct reviews to maintain its appropriateness.

Environmental policy

Seien Gum Industrial recognizes that dealing with global environmental issues is one of the most important issues common to all mankind. We will continuously promote environmental policies with the participation of all employees in order to contribute to the realization of a society where sustainable development is possible.
Action guidelines
1. We will build an environmental management system in order to act in consideration of environmental conservation.
2. We will reduce industrial waste by promoting separation and recycling through our business activities.
3. We will comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which the organization subscribes.
4. We will regularly review our environmental policies, objectives, and targets.
5. We will thoroughly inform all employees and members of affiliated companies of our environmental policies.


Legal name Seien Gum Industrial Co., Ltd.
Founded Sep. 20, 1957
Established Jan. 20, 1958

15.0 million yen

Representative Chairman of the Board Fusao Osumi
President  Taro Takai
Director and Senior Adviser Isao Takai
Employees 78 (as of July 2020)
Location Head Factory 6988-1 Toyooka Iwata-shi, Shizuoka-ken 438-0231
Overseas factories: Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand
TEL Head Factory: +81-538-66-2611
FAX Head Factory: +81-538-66-8756
Factory area Head Factory:  11,916m²
Factory area Head Factory:  6,782m²
Annual tumover 1.3 billion yen (July,2020)


Automotive and industrial rubber

Services Manufacture and sale of automotive electrical rubber parts and industrial rubber and plastic parts
Banks The Shizuoka Bank (Ryuyo Branch), Hamamatsu Iwata Shinkin Bank (Ryuyo Branch)
Japan Finance Corporation (Hamamatsu Branch), Risona Bank (Hamamatsu Branch)
The Shizuoka Chuo Bank (Iwata Branch)
Major business partners

Yazaki Corporation. Bridgestone Elastec co.,ltd. Asti Corporation.


Sep. 1957 Founded by our first president, the late Yoshio Osumi
Jan. 1958 Reorganized in Kido-cho, Hamamatsu as an incorporated entity (Capital: 500,000 yen)
Sep. 1965 Increased capital to 1.5 million yen
Oct. 1967  Relocated Head Factory to current location with expansion of business
Apr. 1971

Increased capital to 4.0 million yen

Jul. 1976 Increased capital to 10.0 million yen
Jan. 1979 Susumu Osumi appointed president after the passing of president Yoshio Osumi
Mar. 1979

Increased capital to 15.0 million yen

Apr. 1979

Created new raw material automatic compounding and production line

Nov. 1980

TQC management introduced
Oct. 1983 Expanded Head Factory
Jun. 1986 New construction of product management factory and shipping management
May 1991  Completion of the Ryunan Factory; Creation and relocation of raw material production line
Oct. 1994  Fusao Osumi appointed president
Apr. 1996  Established SEIEN RUBBER SINGAPORE PTE LTD. in Jurong, Singapore
Jan. 1998  Relocated SEIEN RUBBER (SIN.) PTE LTD. from Singapore
Jan. 1998  Established SEIEN RUBBER MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. in Johor, Malaysia
Oct. 1998 Head Factory and Ryunan Factory acquire ISO 9002 certification
Jul. 2000 Started resin molding with introduction of resin molding machines
Feb. 2003  Established SEIEN RUBBER PHILIPPINES., INC. in Cavite, Philippines
Aug. 2004 Acquired ISO 9001 transition certification
Mar. 2006   Introduced weighing system for blended chemicals
Oct. 2007

Fusao Osumi appointed chairperson; Isao Takai appointed president

Nov. 2008 Head Factory and Ryunan Factory acquire ISO 14001 certification
Nov. 2009  Introduced vacuum forming machine for insert non-through grommets
Dec. 2009 Started production of high-speed vulcanizing silicone rubber
Jun. 2010  Started production of liquid silicone
Jun. 2013  Established SEIEN (THAILAND) CO., LTD. in Samut Prakan, Thailand
May 2016  Entered into business partnership with KEN MAX THAILAND CO., LTD.
Sep. 2016   Acquired ISO 9001 and 14001:2015 transition certification
Nov. 2016 Introduced laser welder
Sep.2019 Taro Takai appointed president


Visiting us by train

If using the Shinkansen, take a taxi from Hamamatsu Station (20 min.).
If using the Tokaido Main Line, take a taxi from Toyodacho Station (15 min.).

Visiting us by car

[Via the Tomei Hamamatsu IC]
[1] Take National Route 1 Hamamatsu Bypass toward Toyohashi.
[2] Turn left on National Route 150 towards Omaezaki.
[3] Turn right at the intersection in front of Pachinko Three A and proceed 400 m. We are located on the left side of the street.
[Via the Tomei Iwata IC]
[1] Turn right on National Route 1 Iwata Bypass toward Hamamatsu.
[2] Exit at Morioka IC and turn left on National Route 150.
[3] Turn right on National Route 150 toward Hamamatsu.
[4] Turn right at the intersection immediately after Pachinko Three A and proceed 400 m. We are located on the left side of the street.